Rel8 enters our exhibition floor for the first time


Rel8 enters our exhibiton floor for the first time

Rel8 is a startup aiming to improve traceability of plastic. Rel8 has developed a technology platform enabling extremely well-defined nanostructures on plastic parts, marketed under the name “imZERT – world’s smallest barcodes.” Rel8 has sold imZERT barcode inserts for several tests and for marking of final products, within auto, electronics and medical segments. Now they are entering Plastteknik Nordic’s exhibition floor for the very first time, and we are delighted to have them onboard!

Rel8 products:
imZERT is a new technology for Direct Part Marking of plastic parts with 2D barcodes. The marks are a particular kind of nano-engraving, delivered as steel inserts for direct implementation in the injection mould. imZERT barcodes have extremely high contrast and edge sharpness, uniquely enabling very small barcodes (down to 1×1 mm2), and to create barcodes on white plastic that can still be scanned using smartphones or Vision. These barcodes create a foundation for traceability in production and applications, e.g. for quality control, buffer storage, assembly processes, logistics in a value chain and so many other situations. Also, imZERT is used as a simple watermark for protection and detection of pirated products. imZERT adds no materials or contamination, requires no further work cycles, is compatible with all plastics and elastomers incl. glass filled, and has been tested durable for more than 150.000 cycles (ABS).

Rel8’s participation at Plastteknik Nordic 2021
Rel8 looks forward to meeting with persons from companies interested in continuous improvement of production and value chain, and to whom traceability is the obvious method for reaching their visions of a data-drive entreprise in the Industry 4.0 context.

Plastteknik Nordic is a great opportunity for Rel8 to meet potential partners and customer directly. We realize the importance of the direct personal relation when introducing new technologies in production. We get to present our unique solution while at the same time answering all immediate questions directly.

Read more about Rel8 and imZERT here »

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