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Malmömässan: 7- 8 may 2025

Fkur Kunststoff GmbH

Fkur Kunststoff GmbH

About us

FKuR develops, produces and distributes innovative bioplastic compounds based on renewable raw materials. In addition to competent customer service, we offer personal and technical support at the highest level, also at your site. We as FKuR are committed to nature and its uniqueness. The origin of our company goes back to the intention to make a contribution to the protection of resources and to the ecological balance.

Nature is the role model for FKuR, because it has developed solutions that in terms of intelligence are hard to beat. Everything that nature produces is used, reused and recycled – there is no waste. It is impossible to imagine life without plastic and although it is used in many ways and every day, plastic does not have a good reputation. It is made from finite fossil resources and is often thrown away as packaging after a single use.

With target-oriented research and development, we at FKuR want to create sustainable materials in order to conserve finite resources, maintain the ecological balance and thus improve the natural living conditions.

We do not only supply companies with bioplastics. Rather we see our customers as partners! Together with our partners we work on solutions to design their plastic products in such a way that they meet all requirements and the demands of a modern circular economy.

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