This is why you should visit the meeting place for future materials and production opportunities!

At Plastteknik Nordic, you can scan the market in a very efficient way to find new suppliers, you can network with people in your field and expand your knowledge at a number of interesting seminars. Among the exhibitors you will find companies that have been established in the industry for a very long time as well as innovative startups.

Plastteknik Nordic is the meeting place for you who work either in the plastics and rubber processing industry or in a completely different industry but with the responsibility for materials, design and development. On site, you can explore future materials and manufacturing opportunities, find new or take care of existing suppliers. Gathered under one roof at Plastteknik Nordic, you will also find the latest product news and services on the market.

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Easyfairs har sedan tidigare uppdaterade rutiner, Covid-19 certifieringar och arbetssätt för att skapa en trygg miljö för dig som deltar på våra mässor och arrangemang. Vi står redo att välkomna Er till våra kommande mässor. För mer information om vårt säkerhets- och hygienrutiner, läs mer här

Experience this at Plastteknik Nordic 2021

Monter- Plastteknik Nordic

A unique event

Plastteknik Nordic is the only trade show in the Nordic region that gathers the entire plastic value chain in one place. Therefore, the fair has also become a unique platform for business, knowledge exchange and visionary collaboration.

Widen your network

Meet your professional colleagues and expand your network by participating in the activities and the mingle that we offer. Everything is of course completely free.

Unexpected business opportunities

Get surprised by the news from companies you would not otherwise have found, thanks to our wide range of exhibitors.


Take part in the latest innovations, both from well-known suppliers and innovative start-ups from all over the Nordic region. Experts from the entire value chain are on site and they want to talk to you!

Gör affärer på plats
Develop your skills

Whats a sweeter taste than “for free”? At Plastteknik Nordic you get the opportunity to take part in our both exciting and educational seminar programs completely free of charge! During two days, our open stages are filled with influential, both national and international, speakers that will focus on the plastic- and rubber industry.


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