With focus on the plastics

Plastteknik Nordic is the trade show that highlights the benefits of the plastic- and rubber industry and balances the sometimes negative image of the material. Plastic products and constructions contribute to a sustainable society in many ways such as energy savings, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, food waste and because it is so easy to recycle, also to a circular flow. For two full days, we gather the industry under the same roof, where you can learn more about what distinguishes plastic as a material, its properties, manufacturing methods and what environmental effects it brings. In addition, we pay extra attention to what is being done to increase recycling in society to create sustainability in the polymeric materials of the future.


The Nordic region's leading meeting place in the plastic- and rubber industry

Today, Plastteknik Nordic is the Nordic region’s biggest meeting place for you who either work in the plastics and rubber processing industry or who in one way or another are responsible for materials, design and development and want to explore future materials and manufacturing opportunities. We offer an event for collaboration where companies display their products and businesses can be created, but also a forum where industry associations, research institutes, educational activities and trade press gather to network and discuss the future of the industry.

The 11th edition is arranged in 2021

For many years, Plastteknik Nordic has been arranged at the Malmömässan in Malmö as an “every other year fair”. Plastteknik Nordic is now looking forward to arrange the 11th edition in December 2021. The venue for the fair has been carefully selected and located in southern Sweden to make it easier to create a joint Nordic event close to the rest of Europe. For two full days, you circulate in a hall full of innovative exhibitors, exciting seminar programs and other engaging activities. All with an emphasis on the latest in technology, products and trends. On 1th- 2nd of December 2021, you are welcome to visit us at Plastteknik Nordic. See you there!

Polymera Material

Polymeric Materials

Today, plastics are used in a number of different areas. You will learn more about what distinguishes plastic as a material and its properties. We talk about how we can coordinate the industry towards a positive development. During the two days of the show, we highlight good examples of using the right plastic for the right things and in a sustainable way.

Ställ ut på Plastteknik Nordic

Industrial design & Innovations

We present new manufacturing methods and areas of use. New for this year's show is the Future Area, where new companies, Start-Ups, will have the opportunity to showcase and test their product and business concept to the entire industry. Here we highlight: additive manufacturing, finishing, 3D printed plastic details, polymer production and new design products.

Produktion & Bearbetning

Production & Processing

You will learn more about different manufacturing methods and what environmental effects it entails. Here you also get concrete guidance on measures to minimize emissions of microplastics from the manufacture and handling of plastics. We also shed light on new technology for processing materials and proper maintenance for the reduction of microplastics.

Cirkulär ekonomi

Circular Economy

If all plastics get recycled and reused correctly, it contributes to a circular flow. We highlight examples and draw attention to efforts that are made to increase reuse and recycling in society and creates sustainability around the polymeric materials of the future. We touch on topics such as: The future of plastics in the circular society, new EU legislation, trade in recycled plastic materials.

Plastens roll i samhället

The role of plastic in the society

Plastic products and constructions contribute in many ways to a sustainable society through, among other things, energy savings, reduced carbon dioxide emissions, food waste and more. The corona pandemic has clearly demonstrated how plastic and rubber are crucial when it comes to saving lives. We have also seen how some shortage products have been replaced by durable recycled plastics, which also have a longer durability and are easier to handle.