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Malmömässan: 7- 8 may 2025

Erteco Rubber & Plastics AB

Erteco Rubber & Plastics AB

About us

Erteco Rubber & Plastics has been a supplier of rubber and plastics on the Nordic Market since 1947. Our history and experience of the Nordic Polymer Industry makes us a superior choice of partner and source of knowledge to our customers. We provide materials from leading manufactures, ranging from bulk products, including polyolefins and PS, to more advanced materials.
Erteco Tech Center are experts in rubber and plastics and their technical properties. Our engineers help you find the right material solution for your application – including designing parts and molds, meeting industry standards, optimizing production, calculations and simulations for test runs. With extensive knowledge in polymer materials and technology, our experts can assist in making the right choices to meet your requirements.


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