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Malmömässan: 7- 8 may 2025

AB Carlsson & Möller

AB Carlsson & Möller

About us

Carlsson & Möller is a leading knowledge company in engineering plastics that offers manufacturing, assembly, semi-finished products and technical solutions in priority industries in the Nordic region.

Our vision is to be the natural partner in material selection and solutions in engineering plastic for companies in the Nordic region. We will be the market’s most customer-friendly and reliable supplier of engineering plastics and plastic parts. As a subcontractor of plastic parts to demanding customers, we know how important it is to be a partner that you can trust, avoid chasing and get the best possible service from.

We have many companies with very well-known brands among our customers. We have had most of them for many years. Our customers are mainly in Sweden, as they appreciate the benefits of being close to the supplier.

When we develop a technical solution, we are happy to participate in your development projects to optimize the result in terms of quality and cost, for your sake and for ours.


Magnetically detectable

Magnetically detectable

Our magnetically detectable (MD) engineering plastics safeguard the quality of the production process and end products because any excess particles in the machinery can be captured magnetically.
MD engineering plastics are suitable for equipment in bakeri

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