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In 1933, Theodor Martin Juhl opened his paint shop on the corner of Frederiks Allé and Ewalds Gade in Aarhus, Denmark. A lot has happened since then, and today Juhl supplies to business throughout Scandinavia within industrial decoration, labeling and identification.

Juhl not only supplies to the Scandinavian market but also exports to various European and Middle Eastern markets.

Today, Theodor’s grandson – Niels Juhl, Lisbeth Juhl and Morten Frost, runs Juhl. Juhl works to offer the best service to our customers in i.a. the graphic industry, pharmaceutical, electronics, packaging, glass, metal and plastics industries. At Juhl, we work with a “second-to-non service”, which means that the collaboration with the customer can vary from qualified technical advice to thorough adhesion and weather tests of color printing on the items provided by the customer.

We have dealer agreements with a large number of reputable suppliers and we are constantly evolving. Juhl constantly invests in the latest technology, which is clearly to the customer’s advantage. We also believe that training our customers in the use of our products helps to create the optimal result for the collaboration.


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