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Bioextrax AB

Bioextrax AB

About us

The Bio-based extraction platform
Bioextrax platform technology is based on a clean, bio-based method that makes it possible to turn waste into value by selectively hydrolyze a number of protein rich materials. We have successfully applied our technology to harvest bioplastics (PHA) granules, organic hydrolyzed protein, keratin fibres, bio-oils, protein-rich by products, and amino acids from bacteria.

PHAs – the bioplastic of the future
The only completely bio-based method to extract PHA
As PHAs are biosynthesized and stored by bacteria inside their cells, efficient extraction methods are required for the upscaling of PHAs production to qualities suitable for industrial use. Bioextrax has developed and patented a method to carry out the extraction biologically. The unique features of Bioextrax’ technology are;
*it is completely bio-based, free of chemicals and solvents,
*it is universal, can work with all PHA producing bacteria and with all PHA types,
*it produces intact PHA granules,
*it leaves a nutrient-rich solubilized non-PHA bacterial biomass as a co-product (20-50 weight % of cell biomass), and
*it enables significant cost reduction compared to other PHA-producing methods.

Bioextrax’ technology can reduce the production costs significantly while producing a higher quality product in a more environmentally friendly way.

A patent-granted method to convert sucrose into PHA
It has long been known that several bacteria can convert sucrose from sugar beets or sugar canes into PHAs. While these technologies have been shown to work well, the challenge has been the cost, mainly due to the relative high price of the raw material.

Bioextrax has developed a unique and GMO-free process which increases the conversion rate between sucrose and PHA, allowing for a significantly lower production cost for PHA.

PHO – a new and highly amorphous and elastomeric biobased and biodegradable polymer.
Potential to use in either formulation with other polymers but also by itself.
Two grades available
– 95 % purity
– 99.99 % purity
Charactarization ongoing – more data in Q2-2023. We are open for collaborations.



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