We welcome Mouldflo as our new exhibitor


We welcome Mouldflo as our new exhibitor

Mouldflo is a forward thinking company who specializes in innovative products that make the plastic industry more sustainable.

We got the chance to ask Mouldflo some questions. Read the interview below.

1. Tell us briefly about your company

Mouldflo is a forward thinking company who specializes in innovative products which makes the plastic industry more sustainable and data driven. We bring the plastic industry into industry 4.0. With our products we give you, the manufacturer, the mould makers and the machine operators the knowledge you need to optimise energy efficiency and production value. We shape the factories of the future, by making innovative and customised solutions for cost-efficient and sustainable productions.

Our solutions cover a range of advanced flow monitoring systems for injection moulding machines and testing solutions that give you efficient quality assurance, by documenting, validating and maintaining your moulds in a practical production simulation setup.

2. Tell us briefly about one or more of your products / innovations / news

We at Mouldflo introduce a game changing technology, designed for the plastic production of the future! Our new product MouldLive allows companies to get complete remote surveillance and control of their production. All data is gathered in one place and accessible from everywhere. This is the Plastic Industry 4.0, a IIoT solution for all production with injection moulding machines.

We also introduce an innovative and forward-thinking technology that is both convenient, time-saving and precise. Our Test-Rig gives you the opportunity to document, validate and maintain your moulds. The Test-Rig is irreplaceable for efficient quality assurance. It offers you a unique way to simulate a production setup and ensure the quality of your moulds. Furthermore it ensures efficient work processes as well as flawless injection moulded parts. By implementing the Test-Rig in your work process, you and your team will be using the newest technology, that makes it possible for you to get shorter cycle time, higher quality parts and documentation.

3. How many times have you exhibited at Plastteknik Nordic?

We have never exhibited at Plastteknik Nordic before, but we have visited the fair. 

This year we wanted to exhibit as we are now focusing more of our activities at the nordic market and bringing the nordic plastic production into Industri 4.0 with our innovative solutions and different integrations possibilities ex. OPC-UA. 

4. What is the one thing you look forward to the most regarding Plastteknik Nordic?

We look forward to finally meeting ambitious plastic manufacturers and mould makers face to face after a long time with pandemic and online meetings. And we look forward to seeing how we can cooperate to make the plastic industry and production even more innovative,  energy efficient and sustainable.  

5. How important is Plastteknik Nordic for you as a company and what benefits does it give you to exhibit with us?

Being a part of Plastteknik Nordic gives us the opportunity to meet some of the biggest players within the field of plastic production in the Nordic market.

It is very important for us to make new relations and to meet other colleagues, clients and companies who can inspire, discuss and cooperate with us in making the nordic plast production leading in setting the standards for sustainability, energy efficiency and innovative plastic production.

6. What would you like to say to other companies that are not yet booked at the fair?

What are you waiting for? The future is now! We need to take action and make plastic production more energy efficient and sustainable. So come and join us at the fair, and let’s have a talk about how your production can meet the standards of tomorrow. 

We are very pleased to have you onboard!

Read more about Mouldflo here »

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